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Exhibit FAQ’s

Is there any expense to my business?

There is no expense to your business. The custom printed artwork display that Willow Street Pictures provides to select businesses is complimentary and at no cost to you!

Does my business have to sell anything?

Nothing is required of you or your staff because our artwork speaks for itself. We will provide your location with our cards so if a client is interested in learning more about our studio or if they have any questions, they are welcome to take one.

Who picks the artwork that will be hung at my business?

You do! We believe that you know your clients best. Our online shop makes it easy and convenient for you to make selections. The exhibit shop is always being updated with fresh new portraits we create and has lots of options to choose from.

What if my business and Willow Street Pictures have a client in common?

That is great! Our goal is to rotate the artwork with your clients once they have a photo shoot with us. Our marketing portrait selection process comes down to best of the best to keep your display looking beautiful and fresh, so not all photos are available as marketing material.

How do I get artwork?

Before hanging the artwork, we start with a meeting between you and our Gallery Coordinator. In this meeting, we will go over our exhibit agreement, assist you in the artwork selection, and review where the artwork will be located.

What if I get bored with the artwork on my walls?

We understand the need to freshen the walls up every now and then. If you are looking for something new, please feel free to visit our Exhibit Shop to select new options.

How long does it take to get my artwork?

It really depends on the time of year. We are one of the select few portraits studios that still custom prints and frames our own artwork, which typically takes about 4 weeks. We have an Expedited Pre-Printed option if time is a factor and you are looking to have the artwork ASAP.

Who should I contact if I have any problems with my gallery?

Please free to contact our Gallery Coordinator, John Warker with any questions or concerns. Just click the contact us button below. He is always happy to help!

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