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 The world is our studio

Willow Street Pictures is a family portrait and pet photography studio. Our clients live in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Florida, Washington D.C., NYC, Los Angeles, London, Germany and everywhere in between.

On a regular basis, we are shooting in the studio as well as traveling to our client’s location of choice. The creative team travels all over the world for photoshoots and filming. From meeting tribal chiefs of remote villages in Madagascar to shooting in the battlefield of Valley Forge, we feel comfortable and confident having a photoshoot in any location of your choice.

Most Popular FAQs

Where are you located?
Our studio is located right off of a major highway 422, just north of Philadelphia, PA. The address is 2212 Penn Avenue Reading, PA 19609.

This location is easily accessible from Lancaster and Allentown via highway 222. If you reside in the Harrisburg area or New Jersey, it is close to the PA turnpike.

How far do you travel?
There is no distance too far! We’ve had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio. Our founder has been on location photoshoots with Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Martin Scorsese.
What is the quickest way to schedule an appointment?
The quickest way to schedule an appointment is to call the studio at 610-375-3424 Monday through Saturday or you can schedule a call online 24/7.

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