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“My wife asked for an updated family portrait and mentioned that Willow Street Pictures would come to our house and we could include our pets. They captured excellent family pictures but what really impressed me was how creative they are.  During the photoshoot, Darren was asking me about my interests in hunting which led to me bringing out my rifle and he created a great picture that hangs on the wall in my den.”
Thomas W. - Mohnton, PA

“The best photoshoot we have ever had. Darren was a total artist and whipped out a flashlight that he used to light us. We had no idea how it was going to turn out but when we saw it, the band looked amazing.”

“Darren was a friend growing up and I’d always admired his artwork. I reached out to him when I needed some portraits and he did not disappoint. He didn’t make me pose or anything like that, I was able to be myself. It was a great experience.”

Jim R. – West Chester, PA



Studio or Travel

Badass Men FAQs

What is a "badass" men photoshoot?
On your badass photoshoot, you can do whatever you, wherever you want, without having to make a cheesy smile or dress up!

Your photoshoot can include all things that make you a badass. From your motorcycles, car collections, guns, yatchs, and airplanes, we will capture everything you enjoy at any location of your choice.

How far do you travel?
Yes, there is no distance too far! We’ve had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio.
Can I do a family portrait at the same time?
Yes! We can capture your “badass” self with your family and animals. We will create a whole range of options for you.
What is the vibe of the photoshoot?
We have a natural way of creating a relaxing environment on photoshoots. During the photo shoot, you can grab a beer, play your favorite tunes, and kick back. The vibe is relaxed, low key and chill.

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The World is Our Studio

We’ve had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio. You'll find comfort in knowing that we review everything we've created with you onsite to ensure we capture everything you are looking for.

“I had a great experience with Willow Street Pictures. They came to my house so I didn’t need to stress out my pets. The cat photography was amazing. The creative team was patient and calm even as my cats were having a melt down with the flash. In the end, I couldn’t believe how many amazing portraits were taken, even my scaredy cat! The quality is superb and that is what you are investing in. You are getting artwork that will last a lifetime.”

Cheryl G. (Philadelphia, PA)

Studio vs. Travel

Having a photoshoot at the destination of your choice provides a personalized experience with your dogs and family members. We can travel to your favorite park, your vacation home, or even the top of a mountain! Our spacious studio also offers a variety of options from a signature grey backdrop, red carpet runway, elegant curved white wall, daylight studio, and upscale dressing room to make our clients feel like a star.

Our outdoor studio provides antique pick-up trucks, vintage motorcycles and beautiful nature areas including ivy, a willow tree and many other options.

If you are not sure where you would like to have your photoshoot, please feel free to schedule a call with us and we can discuss the options with you over the phone.

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 Two Studio Location Choices


At Willow Street Pictures, we take pride in offering you the choice between two exceptional studio locations, each with its own unique charm.

Our newly-opened Harleysville, PA studio, nestled within the historic walls of a former bank building, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Thoughtfully reimagined, it now stands as the perfect photography studio, featuring multiple meticulously designed rooms to accommodate photoshoots of various themes.

Meanwhile, our West Lawn, PA location invites you to embrace the beauty of the countryside. With both indoor and outdoor settings, this picturesque studio offers a diverse range of backdrops, from the vibrant hues of spring leaves to the serene elegance of a winter wonderland. 

Harleysville Studio Location

474 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438

West Lawn Studio Location

2212 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609

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