Darren Modricker

Our Founder

Darren founded Willow Street Pictures in 2002. Born in Lancaster, PA, Darren Modricker moved to Berks County early in his childhood. A friend of the family and a music teacher, Mr. Bozart, taught an elective photography class and introduced Darren to the world of photography. Growing up, he always knew he wanted to be behind the lens of a camera, however, creating a fine art portrait studio was a dream that came about after a life changing event.

“Life has a way of sometimes throwing you an unexpected curve ball and it has a way of changing your perspective.”

The beginning of his photography career was spent in NYC, photographing CEOs, rock stars, and everything in-between. Unfortunately, when his daughter turn one years old, he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Darren laid in a hospital bed, actively searching for someone who could capture the personal connections that he had with his family. Having no luck, he realized the importance and necessity to create a studio where true, unposed, and meaningful family portraits could be created.

We are story tellers

Our artists are inspired by capturing your true family story. We strive to capture the love, bond, and personality of each family we photograph. By looking at the richness in life, we are able to become sensitive to it and capture its real substance. Along the way, we discover what’s personally relevant and celebrate the bond of family.



Our family pictures and pet portraits are creative, fun, and incredibly meaningful to us. Many of our clients are in a situation where this might be their only opportunity to capture family and pet portraits, while others are making up for lost time.

We believe in


Willow Street Pictures is one of the select few portrait studios in America that still custom prints and custom frames all of our artwork. Our artists are detail focused and ensure all those most important features are visible from the darkest darks to the brightest whites, we bring your fine art custom print to life.

Features of our fine art prints


100% Acid-Free

Our acid-free fine art prints preserve the special moments you’ve created with your family and will last a lifetime.


We’ve taken extra care to use the most archival media available. Our fine art prints help build your family legacy so you can pass the artwork on through generations.

Fine art texture

Our old world hand-crafted paper helps blur the line between a photograph and a fine art painting. The texture of our custom made fine art prints really amkes them stand out


Your fine art print is custom made by our detail focused artists. The prints are created right here at our studio in the USA.


The colors and vibrance of your custom fine art print will not fade or change. The colors are true and beautiful.

All in the Details

From each individual whisker to the intricate designs on a wardrobe, all of your details will be visible and feel crisp. We are masters at capturing motion and action clearly.
We believe in


Features of Custom Framing


Expert Advice

We’re here to make great recommendations and walk you through the process of selecting your custom framing. Having a picture framing appointment with us gives you the opportunity to see what options compliment your arwtork the best.

Hundreds of Options

From modern to rustic to traditional, we’ve got hundreds of options in our custom framing and acid-free matting. We can provide you with any colors under the rainbow and a style that suits your artwork as well as your home.

Fully Customizable

Your artwork has the ability to be fully customized with many framing techniques that include fillets, spacers, v-grooves, and fabric and textured mats. Select anything you like, give us your opinions, and we will collaborate with you to create a unique and special piece of artwork.


Your artwork is hand-crafted with longevity in mind. Our studio uses the highest quality acid-free materials and musem glass. Great framing lasts a lifetime or even longer. By custom framing your artwork, you are showcasing how much it means to you.
We believe in

Giving Back to our community

Our Passion

One of the many goals our Founder, Darren Modricker, established was to make time in everyone’s schedule for capital campaign projects and donations that not only held meaning, but also helped increase community awareness of important fundraising causes.

The entire Willow Street Pictures creative team is known both locally and nationally for our generous donations to many organizations

We are very proud of the valuable contributions we have made to public and private schools, animal rescues, cancer organizations, service dog foundations, and numerous nonprofits.



Studio or Travel

 Two Studio Location Choices


At Willow Street Pictures, we take pride in offering you the choice between two exceptional studio locations, each with its own unique charm.

Our newly-opened Harleysville, PA studio, nestled within the historic walls of a former bank building, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Thoughtfully reimagined, it now stands as the perfect photography studio, featuring multiple meticulously designed rooms to accommodate photoshoots of various themes.

Meanwhile, our West Lawn, PA location invites you to embrace the beauty of the countryside. With both indoor and outdoor settings, this picturesque studio offers a diverse range of backdrops, from the vibrant hues of spring leaves to the serene elegance of a winter wonderland. 

Harleysville Studio Location

474 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438

West Lawn Studio Location

2212 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609

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What our clients are saying


“I went to Willow Street Pictures to have photos taken of my puppy Hopper. They were absolutely fantastic, so friendly, and you could tell they loved their work! Every time I visited the studio, they seemed genuinely happy to see Hopper again (and me) and they always had everything prepared and ready to go! They are true professionals, I would recommend them to anyone who wants beautiful, high quality portraits to last forever!”

– Meredith Wright

What our clients are saying


“This place isn’t a photo studio, it’s an art studio! Each print is a work of art, something you’ll cherish for years to come. The photoshoot itself could not have gone better. My son had time for outfit changes, and everyone was very receptive to his ideas. The whole experience was very fun and creative. ”

– Joe Swantek