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Photoshoot FAQ’s

Destination PhotoShoots

Our clients live in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Florida, Washington D.C., NYC, Los Angeles, London, Germany and everywhere in between. On a regular basis, we are shooting in the studio as well as traveling to our client’s location of choice.

Our creative team travels all over the world for photoshoots and filming.

From meeting tribal chiefs of remote villages in Madagascar to shooting in the battlefield of Valley Forge, we feel comfortable and confident having a photoshoot in any location of your choice.

Destination Photoshoot FAQs

How far will you travel for a destination photoshoot?
There is no distance too far! We’ve had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio.
How do you handle travel costs?
We offer a range of creative packages for destintion photoshoots starting at $449.

For over 30 years, our Founder has been a destination photographer and our creative team is fully equipped for travel photography.

We can also provide a custom quote based on the location of your destination photoshoot.

What if the weather is bad?
Our creative team shoots in all kinds of weather from rain to snow to hail. That being said, we completely understand if you would need to move your photoshoot to another day where the weather is better.
Do you provide location recommendations?
Absolutely, our Founder has scouted the best places to take pictures and has discovered a few “hidden gems” that offer beautiful outdoor location photoshoot ideas. Darren travels all across the country on his motorcycle finding the most beautiful places in America.

photoshoot at home

Many of our clients have photoshoot ideas at home and they are looking to capture their family pictures in their own environment. Having a photoshoot in your home gives you the opportunity to capture your pets in their favorite spots at home as well as your family in a relaxed setting.

Our creative team has years of experience creating beautiful portraits in our client’s homes.

Whether you like the convenience of our artists coming to your home or you are worried about how your pets may travel, an in home photoshoot is a great solution.

In-Home Photoshoot FAQs

When do you scout my home for ideas?
On the day of your photoshoot we arrive early enough to walk around your estate to get a lay of the land and gather ideas. Our artists travel frequently and are great at finding the best spots for your photoshoot.
Do I need to do anything like move furniture beforehand?
Not at all! When we first arrive, we’ll scout your home for great settings and carefully move furniture as needed. At the end of the photoshoot, we’ll move everything back and it will be like we were never there.
Can you photograph indoors and outdoors at my home?
Absolutely! We can capture your family outdoors in your yard, on your porch or wherever your family spends time taking in nature. We can also photograph indoors in the favorite rooms they like to hang out or if you want a studio look, we can set up a seamless background in your garage as it provides ample room.
Do I need a room with good lighting or windows?
Our artists bring lighting equipment so we are able to work in all kinds of lighting environments. We also bring along a large computer monitor so throughout the photoshoot you are able to review what we have created.

Hidden Gems

Our Founder has scouted the best places to take pictures and has discovered a few “hidden gems” that offer beautiful outdoor location photoshoot ideas. Darren travels all across the country on his motorcycle finding the most beautiful places in America.

Perfect outdoor spots for spring photoshoots and fall photography sessions.

Our “hidden gems” are perfect for the client wanting a scenic, rustic, and adventurous feel to their outdoor family pictures and pet photography.

Hidden Gem Photoshoot FAQs

What if the weather is bad?
Our creative team shoots in all kinds of weather from rain to snow to hail. That being said, we completely understand if you would need to move your photoshoot to another day where the weather is better.
Are the locations dog friendly?
Our “hidden gems” are secluded and off the beaten track. They are pet-friendly and because there are few people, some clients feel comfortable letting their dog adventure off-leash.
How accessible are the locations?
Our “hidden gems” are great beacuse they offer so much versatility. As soon as you step out of your car, there are beautiful areas to photograph but we can also walk further down the trail for other options.
How close are they to the studio?
Some of our “hidden gems” are as close as 15 minutes from the studio, while others are further away. At your consultation, we’ll show you examples of portraits we’ve created at our recommended locations and help you find the best fit for your family photoshoot.
We believe in options

Indoor Studio PhotoShoots

Signature Seamless

Our professional portrait studio provides a clean and elegant signature seamless background for iconic family pictures and pet photography.

A spacious studio where all your pets and kids can run around while we capture all the action.

At the studio, we create a relaxed environment by playing your favorite music and serving drinks. When you book a photoshoot in our family photo studio, the entire space is private and yours to play with.

Studio Seamless Photoshoot FAQs

What is a seamless?
Our seamless is a 12ft wide backdrop that creates a clean and elegant look for your portraits.
Do you offer different colors?
After years of studio photography, we’ve found our signature grey seamless provides the perfect foundation to create a professional quality. It is a neutral background that eliminates distractions, is flattering for all skintones and is incredibly versatile.

If you prefer a different color seamless, we can special order the color you choose for an additional fee.

What if my pets trash the seamless?
Not a problem! Because we photograph pets frequently, we are used to the chaos and messes that come with it. For each photoshoot, we start with a fresh roll and are able to touch up any scratches or drool that might show in your portraits.

The Red Carpet

Is your dog a superstar? If yes, we have the perfect setting to let your pet photography and family pictures shine!

Everyone gets to strut their stuff when walking the red carpet.

A glamorous, luxurious, and high-end professional portrait studio space where your dogs, cats, and animals of all kinds can feel famous like Hollywood stars.

Red Carpet Photoshoot FAQs

Is there an additional fee to use the red carpet?
Not at all, you are able to use the red carpet in any of our indoor studio creative packages.
How do you capture action on the red carpet?
Our 50 ft red carpet provides ample room for your pets to run up and down so we can catch them in mid-air playing.
Does it have to be red?
Absolutely not! We can touch up the carpet to be any color you’re looking for.

Curved White Wall

Our commercial white wall studio provides another clean and elegant look for your studio portrait photography.

The curved white wall gives that perfect commercial studio feel.

Whether you are looking for commercial headshots or fashionable family portraits, the curved white wall studio is a great option.

Curved Wall Photoshoot FAQs

Is there an additional fee to use the curved wall?
Not at all, you are able to use the curved wall in any of our indoor studio creative packages.
Why use the curved wall?
The curved wall gives you an additional look and provides an upscale and environmental feel to your portraits.

Frosted glass

Our frosted glass background gives you a chance to play around and experiment on your photoshoot. It provides a bright and airy feel and another creative space to give you plenty of options.

Perfect for that daylight, angelic feel.

Whether you want a softer look or more variety in your family pictures and pet photoshoot, the frosted glass is a great choice.

Frosted Glass Photoshoot FAQs

Is there an additional fee to use the frosted glass?
Not at all, you are able to use the frosted glass in any of our indoor studio creative packages.
Is there a recommended style of wardrobe for the frosted glass?
The frosted glass is a great background for a light and airy feel so it works best with lighter color tones to get that angelic feeling.

Dressing Room

Do you want to feel like a glamorous movie star? Our elegant dressing room is the great place to create that stunning look. It’s the perfect time to have a dress up photoshoot and feel formal and fabulous.

Pop some champagne, get your make up done and feel absolutely beautiful.

Our upscale, Park Avenue style changing room can add another fun option to play dress up on your photoshoot.

Dressing Room Photoshoot FAQs

Can I bring my own props to make the dressing room more personal?
Absolutely! We’ve photographed clients that brought their dress up inspiration including their favorite pairs of heels, all of their makeup, accessories, and even fashion books like Chanel.
Are pets allowed in the dressing room?
At Willow Street Pictures, we treat everyone like a star including the pets. They are more than welcome to hang out in the dressing room with you and have their own fashion moment.
When are the dressing room photos taken?
During a photoshoot, we take breaks and you get a chance to review your images and change your wardrobe. It’s during these times when you feel most comfortable and relaxed that some clients choose to capture that “getting ready” moment.
We believe in options


Antique Trucks

Our photography studio offers outdoor props that bring you back to the good old days. You can have a rustic and fun truck photoshoot in our outdoor studio.

For a vintage and stylish vibe to your family photoshoot and pet portraits.

The ’59 pick-up truck is known as the “Penn State” truck because of it’s navy blue beauty, while our ’55 Chevy offers more of a throw-back with patina, and an upscale, custom truck bed.

Truck Photoshoot FAQs

Is there an additional fee to use the antique pick-up trucks?
Not at all, you are able to use the trucks in any of our outdoor studio creative packages.
Can I use both trucks in my photoshoot?
Absolutely! Each truck has it’s own unique qualities that can compliment the look you are going for. We love to give you options and encourage you to use any props that make you smile.
Can pets go in the trucks?
Of course! Being a pet-friendly studio, your pets are welcome in the trucks, on furniture and even in the bathroom with you so they don’t miss you.
Do the trucks run?
Yes, the trucks do run! On the photoshoot, however, we don’t have them running so we can give you the most options by moving you around the truck.

Nature And Rocks

Our outdoor photography studio offers beautiful nature areas perfect for all season! From fall family photos to spring pet and family pictures, our outdoor photoshoot location provides a picturesque setting.

Feel like you’re in the woods without the hike.

If you’re looking for a nature photoshoot, the nature and rocks at our studio is a great choice.

Nature + Rock Photoshoot FAQs

Is it a fenced in area?
While our nature and rock areas are beautiful and provide a nice setting for your family pictures and pet photography, it is not a fenced in area. We offer touch up where you can remove the leashes and it feels natural.
Is there a season that looks best?
Each season brings its own beauty to our nature. In the spring we have forsythias that bloom a pretty yellow, in the summer it turns gorgeous green, in the fall we have bushes that grow festive red berries, and in the winter, we have a snow machine to make your own outdoor winter wonderland.
What all is available in the nature areas?
Our outdoor studio starts off with beautiful ivy, a weeping willow tree, manicured green grass, flowering bushes, natural tall grass with wildflowers, and boulders.

Vintage Motorcycles

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a biker photoshoot. Our professional portrait studio offers a range of vintage motorcycles to use as props for your motorcycle photography.

Have your special biker girl or motorcycle couples session and capture the moment.

Whether you love our vintage motorcycles or are a bike collector yourself, a motorcycle photography session is a fun option.

Motorcycle Photoshoot FAQs

What are the options of motorcycles?
Each of our motorcycles has it’s own unique look. We’ve got one that has a feeling like the American Pickers found it in a barn. We also have a chopper that’s straight out of the 70’s. In addition to that, we have a vintage Triumph and a cute red Vespa.
How can I look like a badass on the motorcycles?
Not only do we have options for motorcycles, we aslo have options for the gear! We’ve got vintage helmets, leather jackets, and everything you need to feel like James Dean.
Can I bring my own motorcycle?
Absolutely! We love when clients incorporate their own personal items into the photoshoot because it helps tell your family story.
How did you come up with motorcycles?
Our Founder, Darren Modricker is a life-long rider. He loves hopping on his bike and riding til the sun goes down. Darren wanted to include this special part of his life into our family picture and pet photography studio to give other enthusiasts a chance to capture their passion or interests as well.

Man cave

Our man cave has an industrial vibe that features weathered diamond plate steel walls, sleek black epoxy flooring and houses our vintage motorcycles.

Feel like a James Dean badass, throw on a leather jacket and hang out with a cold brew.

With a hard-edge vibe, the man cave is a cool setting for having a man cave photoshoot.

Man Cave Photoshoot FAQs

Is there an additional fee to use the man cave?
Not at all, you are able to use the man cave in any of our outdoor studio creative packages.
What kind of portraits do you take in the man cave?
From high school seniors to couples portraits to badass photoshoots, we capture anything in the man cave. It has a hard-edge industrial vibe and can be a fun option for your photos.
Our creative packages offer the time and flexibility to be relaxed and have a fun expereince.

Pricing Overview


Destination Creative Packages

Our destination creative packages start at 449. and vary depending our where we travel. This option gives you the flexibility to have the photoshoot at the location of your choice.

Outdoor Studio Creative Packages

Our outdoor studio creative packages start at 349. This option gives you the opportunity to have a photoshoot at our studio outdoors and incorporate any of the nature, trucks or other props we have available.

Indoor Studio Creative Packages

Our indoor studio creative packages start at 349. This option gives you the chance to have a photoshoot at our studio indoors and incorporate any of the indoor sets we have available.

Most Popular Creative Package

Our most popular creative package is 449. and gives you the flexibility to have an indoor and outdoor photoshoot at our studio. This option is the best of both worlds!

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What our Clients are saying


“The Willow Street Pictures creative team was more than willing to accommodate and bring our vision to life! We didn’t stop just at a few studio photos either. We went to a local outdoor hidden gem found by the Founder, Darren, and literally got into the weeds and took amazing photos of our dog. The evening ended up with everyone in the stream, to get a few last good shots. As parents of a dog who may not be with us in the next few years, we’re so grateful to Willow Street Pictures for not just creating artwork that we will cherish long after our dog passes, but for creating a life long memory of a fun day spent completely focused on our good boy!”
Jackie H. - Lititz, PA

“I had a great experience with Willow Street Pictures. They came to my house so I didn’t need to stress out the pets. The pet photography was amazing. The creative team was patient and calm even as my animals were having a melt down with the camera’s flash. In the end I couldn’t believe how many amazing portraits were taken of each of my pets, even my scaredy cat!

The quality is superb and you are getting artwork that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this studio if you want pet photography that goes beyond the norm.

Cheryl G. - Philadelphia, PA

“Our experience with Willow Street Pictures was wonderful from start to finish. Our dog was diagnosed with cancer and we wanted family pictures with her taken quickly. They got us scheduled immediately and came to our home because our dog’s ability to travel is limited. They transformed our living room into a studio with their signature seamless and also took some photos at areas of our choosing in our home. We wanted something to capture our relationship and love for our dog and that’s exactly what we got, in addition to beautiful, artistic photos of her.”
Courtney B. - West Chester, PA

About us

 Two Studio Location Choices


At Willow Street Pictures, we take pride in offering you the choice between two exceptional studio locations, each with its own unique charm.

Our newly-opened Harleysville, PA studio, nestled within the historic walls of a former bank building, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Thoughtfully reimagined, it now stands as the perfect photography studio, featuring multiple meticulously designed rooms to accommodate photoshoots of various themes.

Meanwhile, our West Lawn, PA location invites you to embrace the beauty of the countryside. With both indoor and outdoor settings, this picturesque studio offers a diverse range of backdrops, from the vibrant hues of spring leaves to the serene elegance of a winter wonderland. 

Harleysville Studio Location

474 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438

West Lawn Studio Location

2212 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609

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