Willow Street Pictures Pet Photography

Why Pet Photography?

Pets are part of the family, they share our world and our hearts. A professional photographer can capture those familiar glances, loving looks, and fun poses of your pets that bring you joy every day. You’ll be proud to display your pet’s portraits and will cherish them for years to come.


Why Choose Willow Street Pictures?

We are a photography studio you can trust. For the past two decades, we have photographed thousands of pets—from cats and dogs to horses, donkeys, and exotic birds. Our expert pet photography artists will create professional pet portraits and memories that will last a lifetime.

Willow Street Pictures has grown into a highly sought-after studio known for capturing striking pet images. We have been featured on NBC, TLC, Discovery Health. Our photo studio was also voted #1 Best in Philly for pet and dog photography several years in a row.

Visit out our dog photography gallery, cat photography gallery, equine photography, and our Instagram page for pet portrait inspiration.


How Do Pet Portrait Sessions Work?

The goal of our photography sessions is to make your pet comfortable and let its true self and all its quirks come out. Every pet is different and we build our portrait sessions around their unique personality. Let our creative team know about your pets’ temperament in advance and they will prepare for the photo shoot accordingly. 

We are happy to take your pet’s portrait in any location of your choosing, whether it is the comfort of your own home where your pet feels most at ease, a favorite park, or our spacious studio. We also have an outdoor area where you can walk your dogs and a wide alley for them to burn off extra energy before the photo shoot.


How Do I Schedule a Session?

The Willow Street Pictures studio is located in West Lawn, Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Allentown. Feel free to visit us, send us an email, schedule a call with one of our artists. Or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. We’d love to take photos of your pets!


Looking for a Gift?

Willow Street Pictures online store offers a wide range of products, packages, artwork, and gift options to choose from. Our Best Friend and Together Forever creative packages are great choices for your pet portraits.

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