Willow Street Pictures at the PA Farm Show

PA Farm Show History

The PA Farm Show is part of the Pennsylvania tradition for countless families. Every year thousands flock to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to dip their toes into the world of agriculture and livestock. The Show recently completed its 106th year in action.

Those showing animals or produce at the show compete for blue ribbons and prizes. However, they all cherish the opportunity to teach others about the benefits of supporting PA farmers. The show attracts over 500,000 visitors each year. The event has something for everyone, with exhibits and demonstrations covering everything from agriculture to home improvement. It is a great opportunity for local families to come together and learn about where their food comes from. Agriculture is a big part of Pennsylvania’s economy, and the Farm Show provides a platform for farmers to share their stories and connect with consumers.


Alongside animal life at the Farm Show, there are several spaces dedicated to commerce. In these areas, you can find commercial vendors mingling with attendees! Willow Street Pictures continued its longstanding tradition of being among one of the favorite photography companies at the Farm Show. The booth displayed their photography work which included photos of various animals that were popular among visitors. Owner, Darren Modricker spent the opening weekend of the show manning the booth and meeting many show-goers and future clients. We are so happy to be back at the Farm Show and finally meeting new clients face to face again!

Farm Show Community and Annual Themes

Every year, the PA Farm Show selects a theme that serves as the compass for the festivities. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, last year’s show took place virtually. The theme of 2021 was thus properly named,

“Cultivating Tomorrow.” The focus of this direction centered on working through the pandemic with the hopes of a return to normalcy in the future. As the show resumed its in-person tradition in 2022, the theme of “Harvesting More” was chosen. This direction showed how things have gone back to normal and that we are now “harvesting” the time we waited. Themes give the vendors and farmers a path to follow, and it also allows visitors to take part in their community.

PA Farm Show Scholarship Fund & Willow Street Pictures Involvement

Willow Street Pictures not only attends the PA Farm Show but also donates a creative package to the silent action. The proceeds from the silent auction go towards the Pennsylvania Farm Show Scholarship Foundation. This nonprofit organization that raises money to support young men and women involved in agriculture. Willow Street provides a service to nonprofit organizations such as the PA Farm Show as a way to support the youth. The 2020 winner of the silent auction was the daughter of the Plesic family. She used this opportunity as a photoshoot for her and her rabbit, considering she owns CP Rabbitry where she breeds and raises rabbits this opportunity was to her benefit.

Willow Street Pictures provides this service annually, with the owner Darren Modricker starring as one of the judges at the PA Farm Show for the photography contest.


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