Using Exotic Animals in a Photoshoot:

Exotic Animals are not pets:

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Working with animals has its own set of fundamental rules and safety protocols that must be taken into account. Recklessly mishandling the animals could lead to the endangerment of you, the animals, or those around you on the set of the photoshoot. 

Make sure the animals aren’t afraid:

Next, it’s rare but on the occasion that a handler does something to upset the animal or gives them a reason to be frightened it could cause the animal to act out of fear. Be wary of the handler’s actions and make sure they aren’t doing anything that could jeopardize everyone’s safety.

Things to avoid:

Also, certain animals are extremely sensitive to changes in lighting. So, flashing lights or strobe lights for example could be painful to them or make them uncomfortable. Using dim lights or natural lighting would be better in this situation.

Capturing the animal:

Get up close shots to capture unique details of the animal. Also, be aware of odd behavior, they are constantly shifting and blinking and will not cooperate as humans would. 

Distract the animal:

Furthermore, when dealing with exotic animals you want to have treats or some type of food prepared in advance. Keep the animal distracted. After snapping a photo provide them with the treat. 




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