Top 5 Photoshoot Ideas

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Here we’ll introduce the top five photoshoot ideas for couples, friends getting together, family, and friends! Go to the Willow Street Pictures site and book now!

1. For a Young Couple:

 A couple in the middle of their first date, and you have to end with one or both kissing (if they don’t get there on their own). Use a setting they are both familiar with to get them comfortable, you want both of them to be nice and relaxed. Don’t force anything!




2. For Friends Getting Together for Summer Fun:

Get together six friends who are all dressed up for summer fun! They can be at the beach, poolside, playing games outdoors – wherever suits them best. Have them interact with each other and show the kids at their best. 


3. For a Couple of Kids:

Having your children pose in funny and silly ways can be a great way to keep them entertained for a photoshoot, they’ll be more than acting like they’re having the time of their lives. They don’t have to be playing with toys or anything; they can just be laughing and having fun with each other.


4. For a Family:

Get three generations of your family together (grandparents to kids). Have your grandparents sitting on a bench, your parents standing off to the side, and you and your siblings between them. Have everyone looking at the camera, smiling and laughing (at whatever is going on).

5. For You:

One of the best ways to get excited about a photo shoot is to do something that’s fun and entertaining to you, you might be outdoors with your pet taking a walk, enjoying some alone time while reading one of your favorite books, or simply laughing and being in the moment. You need to cater to yourself as well!


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