Tips to Survive a Family Photoshoot

Difficulties of the Family Photoshoot

Sometimes you just need to capture the perfect family photo but you just can’t stand to be in the same room as your loved ones for over an hour! Let Willow Street Pictures help you survive the family photoshoot with these tips! The ideal strategy is frequently to stay low, understand the goal, and move on! These family photographs will be passed down through the generations. It’s critical to capture the moment with as many loved ones as possible.


Quiet Survival

Having a mild presence that not only tells your family you are happy to be here, but you’re not overly pushy is a perfect balancing point for the shoot. Knowing what you want to accomplish in the shoot is one of the most important aspects of capturing your family moments. Pinterest is a great place for ideas and inspiration for planning your shoot Whether that be with your kids, partner, or extended family, the cast of characters will serve as the best models for the pictures. Preparation is key. Make sure you have everything you need before the shoot begins. This may include coming in with a prepared shot list or even selected outfits to streamline the process.


Family Fun

Laughing is always the best medicine! Sometimes in those awkward or uncomfortable moments, all you can do is crack a joke. When your family members start to bicker about who gets to stand in front or who is relegated to the rear of the photo, keep in mind that taking photographs is a tremendous present that not everyone receives. Even if you’re not enthused to be in the same room as your mother-in-law, it is always best to put a smile on your face and appreciate the happiness that this family photoshoot will bring for generations to come. In the future, you’ll be pleased with your portrait hanging of your smiling bunch hanging in your home or office. Our team at Willow Street Pictures is here to help you put these methods into practice and capture that perfect family portrait.


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