Tips for Planning a Photoshoot with Children


Let Us Give You Tips and Tricks for Your Family Photoshoot

The tips below will give you some suggestions on how to have the most successful photoshoot with your kiddos! Let the team at Willow Street Pictures capture some amazing moments with you and your children!


Tip 1. – Keep the Kids Entertained

One suggestion is to bring along a toy or device to keep the child preoccupied in between shots. This will help reduce the chances of them becoming bored and fidgety, which can often lead to poor picture quality.


Tip 2. – Do Your Homework

Another suggestion is to come in with a few ideas of poses that their children would enjoy doing. Pinterest has countless boards for inspirations ideas! This can make the shoot more fun and relaxed for everyone involved. Parents should also keep in mind that children of all ages and personalities respond differently to photoshoots. Some kids may be shy in front of the camera, while others may love having their photos taken. The best way to capture natural and intimate moments between the family members


Tip 3. – Include Props or Activities that the Kids Enjoy

Including props or activities that the kids enjoy can help keep them entertained and engaged during the shoot. This could be anything from a favorite toy to a fun activity like blowing bubbles or jumping on a trampoline. Even selecting a venue that the kids enjoy such as a beloved park or garden will keep them happy and relaxed, resulting in better pictures.

How We Can Help!

Capturing memories with your children is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. The team at Willow Street Pictures wants to help you make those memories last a lifetime. We offer photoshoots for families that are fun, relaxed, and will leave you with beautiful images to cherish forever. Contact us today to schedule your session!





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