The Race of Gentlemen. Wildwood, NJ

A Time to Remember

I grew up on dirt bikes and there’s a distinctive smell that a 2-stroke bike has to it. The same can be said for the oilers vintage American hot rods and motorcycles. Once you take it in, it becomes a part of your life. By combining this with my passion for photography there’s nothing that can top it!


Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NJ

The Oiler’s Car Club presents The Annual Race Of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NJ. They hold races on the beach by day and bonfires with rock bands at night. It’s a living history event, celebrating America’s Racing & Hot Rodding heritage.

Before America had racetracks or even straight roads, you tested your customized ride on the beach and sand flats pushing the limits of man & machine! Today, the closest you get to reliving those early glory days of gas engines is heading to The Race Of Gentleman in Wildwood, NJ to blast down the beach.


Back in the Day

The nostalgia really started to kick in the night before the races when I was hanging out at the “Night of the Troglodytes” with 60’s-70’s choppers. Back in the day, my neighborhood had the Old Schoolhouse Inn where every night there were choppers hanging out front. I was the local paperboy and the tavern was a subscriber so I had access that most kids my age didn’t have to hanging out with bikers.


Having gone to this event and experienced it first hand, I’m looking forward to next year’s Race Of Gentleman in Wildwood, NJ.


-Darren Modricker, Founder


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