The Costa Story

“I scheduled a photo shoot of my dad with his dog as an 80th Birthday surprise. I had had my own dog photographed by Willow Street Pictures a few years ago and knew the results would be beautiful.”

“The staff were very attentive and helpful. The photo shoot was fun and we even managed to get family photos. The first in nearly 30 years. They are a treasure that would not exist if not for Darren’s encouragement.”



“The photos shoot pricing is very reasonable given the time devoted, the level of attention and quality of the work. Purchasing the framed prints can get expensive, but you are free to purchase what you want, and the beauty of the images justifies spending a bit extra. I think for the average person this is affordable, if viewed as a special occasion/ opportunity. Willow Street Pictures captures those once in a lifetime moments in stunning quality and composition.”


“I frequently recommend Willow Street Pictures to my friends and clients. So much so that I even have a gallery of their prints in my reception area. For capturing those special moments of your life, Willow Street Pictures is an excellent choice for a wonderful experience and stunning results.”

Nancy Costa

Swarthmore, PA


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