Sunny’s Story

Sunny’s Story

Our 11 year old pit bull, Sunny, was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness and we were told we wouldn’t have much longer.

When I called Willow Street Pictures and reviewed our urgency to have memorable pet portraits taken with our boy, they were more than happy to accommodate.

When the trip to Willow Street’s fine arts portrait studio would have been too much for Sunny, they offered to meet us at a destination of our choosing.

Willow Street Pictures was nothing short of amazing, both in their compassion for our situation and their professionalism.

Darren is a truly gifted pet photographer that captured the very essence of Sunny. Darren didn’t hesitate getting into the water to catch some action shots while Sunny played either!

Thank you all for making this pet portrait experience a truly great one. With love and appreciation, Samantha, Jay & Sunny

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