Snow Photoshoot Fun and Other Ways to Spend a Snow Day!

Why Do We Love Snow Photoshoots?

Our creative team at Willow Street Pictures loves snow! As soon as snow pops up on the weather report we start getting excited for whats to come. One of our favorite things to do in the snow is to have snow photoshoots with our clients and our own pets.

An Alaskan malamute enjoying the snowy weather

Recently our creative team headed up to Lehigh Valley area during a snow storm for a snow photoshoot with the Twaddle family and their handsome dog Thor. The goal was to capture Thor having fun in the snow while it was still falling on the ground. As a result of perfect weather conditions and good timing, we started shooting right as the storm began and the result was fantastic. Our artist Regina was able to capture fun action shots of Thor playing with his mom and dad in the snow as well as stunning portraits in the woods. Not only was the photoshoot a success, but it also created lifelong memories for the Twaddle Family and our creative team. If you are interested in planning a snow photoshoot with Willow Street Pictures you can visit our online shop to view our creative packages.

Snow Photoshoot

How Does the Creative Team Spend Snow Days?

When the creative team isn’t on a snow photoshoot during snow days we are most likely outside enjoying the day with our dogs. Willow Street Pictures founder Darren Modricker loves spending the day going on nature walks with his dogs Dakota and Chelsie, so they can romp around and play in the snow!

Our Artist Regina likes to spend her snow days with her dog Archie. He is the studios full time office dog, so this is as much his day off as his moms. Archie loves to hop like a bunny through the snow and afterwards likes to cuddle up on the couch with his mom and dad and watch a movie.

The Studio’s Gallery Coordinator John and his husky Sybil enjoy their snow days outside going on walks and having snow ball fights. Sybil’s favorite part is eating the snow. She is very proud of her ability to catch snowballs in her mouth. It is one of her many talents!

There are so many fun activities you can try in the snow that at any other time of the year would not be possible. Let’s seize the season! From enjoying a winter wonderland walk to snowball fetch to dog sledding, you can create and capture very special memories that will last a life time! Schedule a call today with one of our portrait consultant today to learn more about having a snow photoshoot.

snow photoshoot



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