King of Prussia Senior Couple Photography

King of Prussia Senior Couple Photography

There’s something special about capturing a moment in time, a milestone in your love story, or a turning point in your life. It’s a way of preserving those precious, fleeting moments that slip away so quickly. Photography is a timeless art that allows you to freeze these fleeting moments and remember them always. Here at Willow Street Pictures, we want to capture those moments while they are still with us. When we meet our couples we always want to learn a few things. The King of Prussia senior couples are some of our favorites to shoot! We want to meet you and get to know your story. What is it that you love about each other? What is it that you want to remember? We have an extensive Couple’s Gallary that can give you some wonderful ideas on how you would like your shoot to look and feel. The King of Prussia area is one of our favorite locations to shoot!


Lifelong Lovebirds

The long-standing relationships between our parents and grandparents are truly something to celebrate. We are honored to photograph that bond between the Lifelong Lovebirds in your life. So often we forget to celebrate the successes of our relationships. Finding the love of your life is one of the most amazing aspects of our lives, and it certainly deserves some photos to memorialize it. The photographs we take are a true testament to the love that has been shared throughout your relationship.

Our History

Willow Street Pictures has been creating beautiful couple portraits for over 20 years now in the King of Prussia area! Check out our Pinterest page to get some inspo! Give us a call at 610-375-3424 or shoot us an email at! Whether it be posing with your partner for their portrait or sneaking around the corner for candid shots, we can assist you with all of your photography needs! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients celebrating together!


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