Timeless Senior Portraits

Timeless Senior Portraits

Are you thinking about booking a photoshoot for your senior? Let Willow Street Pictures give you some advice before your favorite 18-year-old rejects the idea. Timeless Senior Portraits create memories that last far beyond that final year of high school. We want the seniors as the stars of the shoot to have as much input as possible.  It’s important to consider what they enjoy doing, where they enjoy doing it, and what you want to look back on in 20 years. 

Hobbies Are Not Embarrassing!

Hobbies are such an important aspect of our lives and it’s one of our favorite things to incorporate in any shoot. The athlete aesthetic makes for a great picture with uniforms, balls, clubs, racquets, etc. The equipment serves as the best organic props that can allow anyone’s personality to come through the photo. 

Outdoor Shots Will Still Be Timeless in 20 Years

We also love working in different outdoor environments if you’re looking to capture some shots in a local park or urban space. These spaces are timeless and certainly nothing to laugh at 20 years down the road. If you’re looking to capture some shots in your cap and gown, an academic backdrop can really match the theme of your outfit choice. This can be taken on your school’s campus in different positions, whether that be leaning on your old stomping grounds or seated

outside, we can make it work!

Seniors Will Always Love Their Pets

Including your pets can also be an amazing addition to a senior portrait that will be a perfect memento for 20 years down the road. The pictures will not only encapsulate a period of time in the senior’s life but also mark a period for the family when a particular favorite animal was present. Pinterest offers a wide variety of themes and ideas for capturing the best senior photos.




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