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How we started…

Willow Street Pictures was founded in 2002. Our pet photography and family portrait studio has several guiding principles that have determined our integrity, honesty and experience. First of all, an important part of our pet photography and family portrait studio is focusing on what has special meaning to us. Since we are located near Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Allentown, we get many pet photography and family portrait studio requests. For the projects we accept, our entire team is committed to each client and puts everything into the creative process.

This has allowed us to create artwork that we can stand behind 100%. We also find strong meaning in taking on donation projects that will help the community. Read about our community efforts here.

By looking at the richness in life, we are able to become sensitive to it and capture its real substance. Along the way, we discover what’s personally relevant and celebrate the bond of family.

We talk with our clients and offer advice. Together we come up with new exciting ideas that nobody had anticipated when it started. Playing and exploring ideas is simply what we truly enjoy. It keeps us sharp, inspires us, and rekindles our creative curiosity. Moreover, creating artwork refreshes us and puts energy into our system.

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Creativity at its finest…

While they say you don’t need the newest camera to take great photographs, you do need the right gear. There’s only one camera on the market, which produces astounding sharpness, resolution and the highest image quality. Therefore, it’s the best option to live up to the reputation of a Willow Street Pictures fine art gallery print.

Our Founder, Darren Modricker, spent years apprenticing in NYC under well-known contemporary artists. He developed an appreciation for those tools of the trade that allow you to achieve the highest quality in print making.

Darren is passionate for this camera system because it retains so much detail, tone and texture. You can see the details of a pets coat even with all black fur. It’s not just sharpness. The dynamic range, optics blow the quality out of the water. It’s truly sublime. Overall, a small 35mm cameras can’t touch this quality or retain this level of detail.

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Building a legacy…

At Willow Street Pictures, we take the preservation of the image serious. We understand some clients are in a situation where this might be their only opportunity to capture moments with their loved ones. Therefore, our family portrait studio understands the importance of being able to hold onto these moments and cherish them forever.

This is why we have chosen to use a paper with a rich history. Ever since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, it has enjoyed a reputation for quality. Our paper is 100% cotton and acid-free. It delivers long-lasting prints that provide gorgeous details with an exceptional finish. Our paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible.

Therefore, one of the greatest features of a Willow Street Pictures custom print is being able to relive that beautiful moment as its displayed on your wall in your home or office. Moreover, in this blistering pace of change it’s the little things that help you appreciate your family’s history.

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Quality from the heart…

While our studio is one of the select few that maintains a custom frame shop in-house, we also are one of the few to employ a picture framer.

We want to ensure the acid free and archival materials will be upheld. For this reason, our founder has understood that having a custom frame shop in-house insures high standards.

Nevertheless, every aspect of your custom framing project is perfect. Your artwork will have perfectly mitered corners and crisp hand cut mats.

Interested in working with our creative team? To learn more about our creative process, please feel free to schedule a call with us!

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