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The Kramer Story

My daughter, Halley, had her Senior Portraits and Pet Portraits created by Willow Street Pictures’ fine art portrait studio. She absolutely had to have her dog, Obi, in her portraits but we had concerns as he can be a bit difficult with strangers and unfamiliar places.

Regina, the senior portrait and pet portrait photographer, was great with both of them right from the start. Her and her creative team did everything they could to make everyone comfortable; they worked well with Halley and Obi making it a much more natural process.

It made for fantastic portraits and difficult choices when it came time to decide; shout out to Darren, the Founder, for spending so much time helping us find just the right senior portraits and pet portraits. Halley was treated like the rockstar she looked like in some of her pictures and she raves about how fun it was, which is impressive for a girl that usually avoids getting her picture taken.

We loved our time at Willow Street Pictures fine art portrait studio and are impressed with the everyone there and the effort they take to make the experience memorable.

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John was born and raised in Berks County. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus with a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences. During his studies at Penn State, John’s favorite courses included social influence, popular culture and intercultural communication.

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