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Regina Goins


Regina Goins has traveled the world over…She was born in Darmstadt, Germany and at a young age of 4 years old, she moved to Pennsylvania then onto Billings, Montana. Her family loved Pennsylvania so much, they moved to Chester County and then Lancaster County after several years. She grew up with pit bull rescues and cairn terriers but her very first dog was a husky mix she loved dearly. She was that kid who instead of using her parents computer to play video games, Regina would spend hours using it to study every dog breed known to man. Today, Regina has rescued two DSH black cats as well as energetic ball of fluff named “Archie”.

While she was learning up on all the dog breeds, Regina was taking photos of them with her family members. She fondly remembers being 13 years old with a camera always around her neck. When she couldn’t find a family member to photograph, she would take pictures of neighborhood families and pets.

“I knew my purpose in life and what I was good at…it’s getting the people around me to smile. I take pride in capturing life from a different perspective.”

She is a proud Penn State alumnus who graduated with a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences. During her studies, she broadened her horizons beyond photography. She also dove into her favorite courses of psychology, storytelling and non verbal communication. Regina was able to further develop her skills observing facial expressions and body language to lead a photo shoot in the right direction.

At Willow Street Pictures, Regina has worked on hundreds of photo shoots with Darren over the past 7 years. Therefore, her passion is to create something new with each client that she photographs. Whether it’s here at our studio or on location in Philadelphia, she is always searching for the next great image. In her free time, Regina can be found behind a mic with her ukulele or at home cuddling with her pets.

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John Warker

John was born and raised in Berks County. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus with a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences. During his studies at Penn State, John’s favorite courses included social influence, popular culture and intercultural communication.

John has a background in animal welfare and actively fosters rescue dogs for a local shelter. His experience fostering has prepared him to work with animals of varying personalities, but he loves working with shy dogs the most. Throughout his time fostering, he worked primarily with pit bulls, chihuahuas and arctic breeds.

At Willow Street Pictures, John works with the outside businesses to develop offsite galleries where we can display the artwork to our clients. Whether you have a pet or people-related business, he will help you put together a beautiful collection of Willow Street Pictures artwork to relax and entertain your clients while they wait.

He also works with our community donations. He loves working with local non-profits and find out how best we can help their organization raise funds. You can also schedule a call with John if you’re looking for more information on how we can help!

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Donna Montgomery

Custom Framer

Donna has over 30 years of experience custom framing artwork and has been with Willow Street Pictures for over 7 years!

“What I love most about framing is pulling an already beautiful piece together with colorful matting and a frame that fits the feel of the artwork. Framing is a great way to customize and add polish to something that has a lot of meaning to begin with.”

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