Morris Animal Refuge x Willow Street Pictures

1. What is the Morris Animal Refuge

The Morris Animal Refuge is an animal shelter that was founded in 1874 by Elizabeth Morris, but they originally began caring for animals in 1858. As an admission shelter Morris Animal Refuge does accept surrenders of animals (giving up ones animal when the owner can no longer care for it) by appointment. This allows them to better manage the flow of animals to avoid euthanizing and to plan the necessary time needed with each owner to get the most information they can about the animal. They also work with the owner to help them find alternatives to surrender – for example – giving them information on low-cost food resources, low-cost medical care, alternative pet-friendly housing, etc.

They are located at 1242 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

2. Why animals are important to us/ who can help them

The reason domesticated animals such as cats and dogs are important to us has to do with their reduction of their owner’s anxiety, stress, depression, and even their improvement on our cardiovascular health. Caring for animals means being active and not focusing so much on our internal issues. Pets can also provide companionship for older adults.

Helping an animal doesn’t merely consist of taking them in. Many people try their best to raise animals without knowing how to treat them or not having the resources necessary to provide for them. Animal shelters such as Morris Animal Refuge, help those who surrender pets they can’t care for or don’t know how to by finding proper owners or helping them find alternatives to surrendering their pet.

3. Morris Animal Refuge: Statistics on how they’ve impacted animal welfare.

In 2021 alone Morris Animal Refuge had over 680 on-site adoptions and 131 off-site adoptions. In total, they received 873 animals and had a 98% save rate of the animals they received with less than 5 animals being euthanized.

4. How animals are helped by Willow Street’s work with Morris Animal Refuge

By donating their creative services and providing Morris Animal Refuge with a photoshoot, Willow Street can bring attention to this earnest organization. Through promotion, Morris Animal Refuge will reach animal owners on a much larger scale, this allows them the opportunity to help pets who may be euthanized by their owners simply because they see no other alternatives. Willow Street’s willingness to volunteer its services will ultimately lead to more animals being saved.

5. The future of animals in Philadelphia and how you can be a part of it!

Morris Animal Refuge has certain programs that you can be a part of, they encourage anyone with a slight care about animals to donate to their Life Saver Fund. Here they use the money on animals who may need extensive tests for diseases, surgeries, a long term treatment of an illness, or extensive training for behavioral issues.

The refuge also has a community cat program here Morris provides a physical exam, neuter services, vaccines, and flea treatment. The service is currently covered by Mac’s fund and is for outdoor cats only not indoor pets.


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