The Swantek Story

The Consultation

“Normally I would wait until the business I was doing with a company was complete to write a review, but I wanted to make sure I captured and expressed my experience with every aspect of Willow Street Pictures.
A few weeks back we met with the portrait consultant to go over what their services entail, what is included with the creative package, and what the prices would be for the services and finished fine art prints. I’ll say right now, the prices are more than you would pay for a ‘normal’ senior portrait photographer, but you’re not getting just a ‘picture’, you’re getting a piece of art.”

The Photo Shoot

“Yesterday we were there for my son’s senior portrait photo session, and the experience could NOT have been better! Everyone there had a lot of energy, made sure my son had everything he needed or wanted, and they were all very courteous, polite and professional, while still having fun. My son had time for several outfit changes, and everyone was very receptive and open to doing what he wanted to do, not telling him what poses to be in, how to stand, and where to look.”

“The whole experience, so far, has been very fun and creative. All of the portraits that were taken were brought up right on a computer during the photo shoot, so we could look at them and offer suggestions, try different things and give any other feedback. Then, when everything was done, they gave us specials materials to get an idea of what size prints we want to order. We finished the day by scheduling the showing of the portraits, so we can review them and select the ones we want.”


The Special Showing

“Everything was very elegant and professional. Again, we were greeted at the door and seated, with drinks and snacks waiting for us. Darren came in, went through the process for the day, and then we got to work.

First we were asked if we had ideas of where we were going to display the prints and what sizes we were considering. With that in mind, we started going through the ‘best’ of the photographs from our photo shoot.

All of the photographs that were taken were just phenomenal! Darren was great at trying different ideas, making suggestions and listening to our suggestions.”


“This place isn’t a photo studio, it’s an art studio. Each print you get will be a work of art, something you’ll cherish for years to come.

(That also means that you’re going to pay more than a ‘regular’ photographer, a lot more, but you will have that explained to you at the beginning. You’re buying a one-of-a-kind piece of art.)”

“We are still thrilled with Willow Street Pictures and looking forward to seeing the finished product!”


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