The Ibrahim Story

I became aware of Willow Street Pictures when our Shih Tzu, Chico, was undergoing radiation treatment at Hope Veterinary Specialists. Hope had the studio’s artwork displayed throughout their building that caught my eye. Each portrait I saw evoked a particular emotion and I found myself wanting to capture Chico’s mood.

Kelsey was my first contact at the studio over the phone and for our consultation. She was very enthusiastic, explained how they work and encouraged me to write down what I was looking for before our photo shoot.

My hope was to get at least a couple of great pictures of Chico, (of him sitting with a leg to the side, his profile, his ears flopping back, etc).

My husband, Chico and I came prepared for the photo shoot and the experience was so much fun!

The founder, Darren and his staff were extremely professional. He was very passionate and dedicated to making our few hours at the studio delightful.

We left knowing that it would be very hard to keep our choices limited to two!

At our last appointment, Darren helped us narrow down our pictures from the photo shoot, from many beautiful shots to a few that fit what we wanted- evoking a mood, showing Chico’s gentleness and cuteness. Even though the portraits would not be ready for a few weeks, I wanted to get the small cards we ordered ready in time to give to our family and friends over the holidays.

The staff worked quick and was able to get us the cards in time, despite an initial error. When things don’t go as expected, the way the company responds shows their true level of service. Kelsey, Rebecca and Regina all impressed us with the way they handled the situation.

At last, the day to pick up our final prints was here and there were no disappointments.

Each picture had the essence I was hoping for and the quality is astounding.

We hung our custom artwork as soon as we got home and have enjoyed the portraits every day since.

The experience, quality and service that Willow Street Pictures delivered was well worth the price. Thank you to Darren and all of his staff!


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