Governor Mifflin Donation

Donating to the Community

Willow Street Picture’s loves to donate and give back to our community. Our Gallery Assistant, Angie, set out to find a public school to donate a bulk of our mat board.

When she heard back from her High School Alma Mater, Governor Mifflin, she excitedly packed the van and headed straight to the office, where the receptionist greeted her with a smile and still remembered her last name.

Angie’s former Lacrosse Coach and Art Teacher, Mrs. Allen, along with all of her students, gathered together to help unload everything Angie had brought.

The students and Mrs. Allen were eager to look through all the different textures and colors of mat board they had received and can’t wait to use it to frame their artwork in class!


Mrs. Allen’s Visual Art Class

“Thank you so much! Can’t wait to do another matting lesson because the kids are exciting to use those quality mats!”

Chris Allen, Secondary Art Teacher & Head Coach

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