Google Real Tone

What is Google Real Tone?

Camera technology has excluded people with darker skin tones. A lack of diverse testing means that today’s cameras may not have the ability to deliver photos for people of color. Photos tell our stories. They’re symbols of who and what matters in society. Thus, it’s important that they work for everyone, no matter your skin tone.

Google’s mission is to make our camera and image products work equally for people of color.

” We vastly improved our camera tuning models to more accurately highlight the nuances of diverse skin tones with Real Tone software.”

Google and photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis teamed up to produce a fresh take on the classic team photo and headshot, using Real Tone. Furthermore, the company shows the feature as having the “ability to accurately represent skin tones”.

How Does Real Tone Work?

1. First, is using improved image detection to reveal how many faces there are in a photo, this is done to adjust the lighting and color of a face in an image.

2. Next, to preserve the natural hue of the person’s face white balance adjustments and tuning are done to avoid ashy images.

3. Lastly, make sure there is a good amount of light by improving auto exposure. This allows the face of the person to be clearly visible. Similarly, avoid overexposure or underexposure created by elements such as the sky, buildings, or roads.



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