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"I am lucky enough to have had 2 photoshoots with Willow Street Pictures. The first photos of my mother and her two Jack Russell’s were so amazing we wanted to do a photoshoot with the entire family!

Willow Street Pictures is truly a ONE OF A KIND photography studio. Darren has an uncanny ability to capture the best photos of people (especially the ones in the family who say they’re not photogenic, or hate having their photos taken) and pets.

They can transform the most ordinary/everyday scenes, poses and props into the most stunning, jaw-dropping statement photographs. The entire team is so much fun to work with and the results are so unique. I still find myself staring at our photos in awe. The pictures they took are stunning and truly capture the fun spirit of our family."

Lynn L. - Chesterbrook, PA

“This experience was truly great. My mother and I have a family photoshoot every ten years, but since our last portrait a lot of life has happened; a lot of good and a lot of bad. But, the photographer was able to create and capture so much happiness between me and my mom. When we went over the family pictures, it made me think of how much strength we've had to get through things together, how much things have changed, and how our love for one another has carried us through everything. These portraits mean everything to me, and I'm so glad that Willow Street Pictures was able to provide us with an amazing experience and outcome. I'm sure in another ten years, we will be back!”
Jordan L. - Philadelphia, PA

"It’s been a few years since our last family portrait. We are not the family that runs out and gets pictures taken every year, so what we loved about Willow Street Pictures was how patient the creative team was and how the artwork is top-quality. 

Darren came to our home and captured our entire family. It was incredibly special to have our family captured in front of our home because this is where we've grown up and where we get together for family dinners. Having a stunning portrait of not only my parents but with my grandparents and siblings is incredible. 

I highly recommend Willow Street Pictures if you're looking to create a legacy for your family to enjoy for years to come."
Stacy P. - Chicago, IL

Willow Street Pictures specializes in pet photography and family pictures in the Philadelphia metro area.


Nationally recognized as an award winning, top photographer in Philadelphia as well as throughout PA, NJ, NY, DE, and MD.

Family Pictures

Check out the creative team behind the scenes on family portrait photoshoots.

Family Portraits in Cheltenham, PA 19012

3 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional Cheltenham, PA Maternity Photographer Near You to Document Your Pregnancy

Congratulations, you’re expecting a new little bundle of joy! To document this momentous time in your life, hiring a maternity photographer near you is a must. Willow Street Pictures, an award-winning, nationally recognized Cheltenham, PA family portrait photographer specializes in maternity photoshoots, too! Our talented creative team will capture this magical time in your life by taking the most beautiful images from the perfect vantage point and will utilize an array of photography techniques to ensure that you – and your bun – look absolutely stunning, perfectly showcasing your natural expectant mama glow. If you’re looking for a maternity photographer near you, contact the studio that countless expectant mothers and families throughout Montgomery County trust the most: Willow Street Pictures!

3 Reasons to Have Your Pregnancy Documented by a Cheltenham, PA Maternity Photographer Near You

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most magical time in a woman’s life! The arrival of your precious little miracle is right around the corner, and you’ve been busy nesting and preparing for their arrival. With so many changes and so much to do, finding the time to stop and really appreciate the moment can seem difficult; however, before you know it, your little one will be here, and this momentous time will be over.

Fortunately, there’s a way that you can capture this wonderful time in your life, and not only reflect on it personally but share it with your loved ones – including your little one! How? By having a photoshoot with Cheltenham, PA family portrait photographer that specializes in maternity photos, of course. While you might be feeling larger than life, an experienced professional will have vast knowledge and experience and will use a variety of photography techniques to capture you at the most flattering vantage points, perfectly showcasing your natural glow and the beauty of the miracle you are carrying.

Still not sure if you should have your photos taken? Here’s a look at three excellent reasons why a photoshoot with a professional Montgomery County maternity photographer near you is something you should seriously consider.

To Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Whether over the duration or during the last few months, if you aren’t feeling too great during your pregnancy, documenting this time – especially with professional photographs – may be the furthest thing from your mind. Your body changes dramatically, and seeing images of yourself looking so completely different can be hard; sharing those images with friends and family can be even harder. No matter how you’re feeling, it’s important to remember that what you are experiencing truly is a miracle, and having a professional Cheltenham, PA family portrait photographer that specializes in maternity photos is an excellent way to focus on just how extraordinary pregnancy is. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the life you’re creating, and just how strong and amazing you are.

To Capture Lifelong Memories

While you’re in the midst of it, pregnancy can feel like it lasts a lifetime, but it’s only 9 months, and in the blink of an eye, it will be over. Having photos taken by a professional maternity photographer near you is a wonderful way to document this fleeting time; to capture this moment in time forever. No matter how you’re feeling now, in the future, you’ll look back on those memories with love, light, and pride. When your precious little one arrives, you’ll be able to share the photos with them, and there’s no doubt that you’ll instantly feel reconnected.

To Bond with Your Family

Whether it’s just you and your partner, or if older children will be taking part, too, a maternity photo shoot is a wonderful way to bond with your family, appreciate your relationship, and celebrate the new person who will soon be here. Having a professional maternity photographer near you document this time gives you and your partner the opportunity to reflect on the life you have built together, and how much your relationship has grown – and continues to grow.

Contact an Award-Winning Maternity Photographer in Montgomery County

To commemorate this amazing time in your life, schedule a photoshoot with the #1 Cheltenham, PA family portrait photographer: Willow Street Pictures. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 610-375-3424 today!

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Family Pictures FAQs

How do you make our family look relaxed?
We have a natural way of creating a relaxing environment on photoshoots. We bring out the real smile, because we get your family laughing and having a good time! During the photo shoot, we will provide drinks, your favorite music plays, and the fun begins. The mood is light, playful and your family's natural smiles will shine.
Can you travel?
Yes we travel, there is no distance too far! We’ve had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio.
What should our family wear?
We help you with these important details at your consultation with our Portrait Consultant. Our creative team is great at listening, making suggestions and providing you with a custom designed consultation booklet that’s exclusive to our clients. Your family is welcome to bring casual and formal options. Our studio has an elegant dressing room where you can change wardrobe throughout the photoshoot.

We also encourage our sports fans to bring everything they have to their photoshoot. This is what makes it personal and allows us to capture the real personality of the family.

Can I get a variety of family groupings?
Yes! During the photoshoot, we will capture a range of groupings for you. From immediate families to large extended families to individual close ups, you will have plenty of options. If there are certain groupings you are looking for, we meet with you before the photoshoot begins to write down all of your ideas and ensure we capture everything.
Can I have a headshot created too?
Yes! During the photoshoot, we will capture a range of groupings for you. Many business professionals use the opportunity of their time at the studio to update their work profiles with new headshots.

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