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Darren Modricker founded Willow Street Pictures in 2002. Willow Street Pictures is now a prominent family and pet photography studio in the Philadelphia area.

The Beginnings

Born in Lancaster, PA, Darren Modricker moved to Berks County early in his childhood. A friend of the family and a music teacher, Mr. Bozart, taught an elective photography class and introduced Darren to the world of photography.

It was here that Darren made his first print in sixth grade. As a result, he grew a lifelong passion of creating images. He would bring the camera along with him everywhere. Afterwards, Darren started working in the darkroom with the enlarger for hours and hours. He found his passion! Darren continued to explore and refine his art and education by attending the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He graduated in 1990 with a BFA.

Upon graduation, Darren was accepted into the Eddie Adams Workshop. Eddie Adams was a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer that worked long and hard to build an amazing career and incredible body of work. In addition, in his senior years of life he started the workshop as a way of giving back to the art world. Darren was now in a very select group of young artists. For example, they were mentored by the top photo editors including Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Business Week, and National Geographic to name a few. Therefore, only 99 students in the world were accepted based on their portfolio. Moreover, from this group only 10 won awards based on the work created at the workshop. Darren is very proud and honored to be included in both groups.

Apprenticing in NYC

Firstly, Darren valued the role of apprenticing and the leading artists in the industry mentoring him. While in art school, and afterwards, Darren worked as an apprentice for several of the leading photographers in NYC. Here he learned first hand the technical skills required of professional photographers. He learned it is equally important to know all the steps involved in producing an image for a client. He also learned how to make sure each and every project was completed on time, on budget, and produced an outstanding image that exceeded the client’s expectations.

During the apprenticeship, Darren learned why listening to clients is so important. He learned how to balance delivering the family and pet photography they requested as well as creating a wide range of creative options kept the clients coming back to the studio.

With this knowledge and a portfolio of images created, Darren started to show his work around NYC. He soon began receiving calls from photo editors of the top magazines and record labels for projects. From this, he became nationally recognized for creating portraiture and lifestyle images, which are real, spontaneous and creative.

Darren’s commercial clients were local, national, and international. Additionally, his projects have taken him as far as Madagascar! Darren did an amazing shoot for Mountain Bike magazine in conjunction with Pedals For Progress. He also has been to London numerous times shooting projects. He also has been traveled to many large and not so large cities and towns in America.

Community Support

You may have seen his work in annual reports for Fortune 500 companies, record labels such as EMI and Jive, or in magazines like Child, Parents, Parenting, Money, Forbes, Prevention, and Ladies Home Journal. But his most favorite projects are on a more personal level. On these projects it is very rewarding to create images that help others in need and bring attention to their great causes.

For example, he captured a portrait of the father and son on the day they left the hospital for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He also created a portrait of family standing proudly in front of their new home for Habitat For Humanity. Also, a senior citizen sitting in her wheelchair reflecting on all her achievements for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

After you review Darren Modricker’s collection, you can clearly see his creative vision is focused on finding the inner beauty of the people that he photographs.

He discovers the love, peace and joy in their relationships. Further, it’s from his real life experiences of being a father. Growing up, he saw the pride and happiness of his sister who lived with many disabilities but still loved life. He also watched his grandfather age gracefully and embrace life at age 92. Therefore, Darren finds the emotional center of the people that he photographs in a respectful way that evokes the person’s true sense of confidence, wonder and bliss.

A Family & Pet Photography Studio

Janice Lipzin, Director of Visual Arts and Education for the Banana Factory in Allentown, PA sums it up best in her review of one of Darren’s solo exhibits:

“Darren Modricker is a nationally acclaimed photographer specializing in portraits that capture the essence of a person without artifice or posing…. Moreover, he creates an atmosphere of trust with his subjects that enable him to capture such honest images. These powerful photographs celebrate the beauty and the strength of these cancer survivors.”

Please see our FAQ page for an interview with the artist.

Willow Street Pictures, a family and pet photography portrait studio was established in 2002, recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, and now is looking forward to the future.

Darren has enjoyed building a studio to create stunning family and pet photography. He felt the importance of being able to create photography for the whole family, including the pets.

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