Fall Family Photos: Top 5 Philadelphia Locations

Fall Family Photos: Top 5 Philadelphia Locations

by | Nov 11, 2021

Fall has begun and it has brought in the next change of beautiful scenery. Now we’re seeing the marvelous changes in our precious natural environment, but not forever. Therefore, allow us to capture your fall family photos before winter comes along. After all, we know some of the best spots to create the perfect fall photoshoot. 

Philadelphia’s Valley Forge National Historical Park

Credit: Visit Philadelphia

For instance, this historical park located in King of Prussia is a magnificent location that offers beautiful scenic views for some elegant fall photoshoots. So, this is perfect for capturing the beauty of autumn to create a memorable fall family photo with your furry pets, if you would like to include them.

Old City


Credit: Beat My Path

On the other hand, Philadelphia’s Old City is another amazing choice since it’s a place of historical significance that lies within the city of Philly. The location has several historical attractions, like the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and the Betsy Ross House. The neighborhood still has its charming preserved look, which can be fantastic for fall photoshoots. The 18th-century style of architecture is breathtaking, great for creating autumn memories. Therefore, our creative team is willing to travel to such a place to shoot your perfect fall family photos.

Ridley Creek State Park

Credit: fineartamerica

On another note, Ridley Creek lies just outside of Philly, located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It provides hikers with vast trails that are around 12 miles, which takes visitors through the 2,606 acres of woodlands and meadows within the park. This is a visually stunning area in which one can have their dream fall photoshoot taken by the creative team here at WillowStreetPictures.

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Credit: Philly Voice

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is filled with an overwhelming amount of wildlife diversity and plant life. Of course, it can easily be used to create some of the most impressive fall photoshoots that a family will never forget. One will surely notice the surprisingly alluring change of scenery during their time there, the fall foliage will not disappoint. This 1000-acre refuge is located in Philly, Tinicum Township.

Bowman’s Hill Tower

Credit: Visit Bucks County

The tower allows for a scenic view like no other, it gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the vast natural environment surrounding the tower. It stands at 125 feet in height, so one can only imagine the magnitude of the view itself. This bewildering view will provide  the perfect fall family photo background to compliment the season. Located in Washington Crossing Historic Park, not too far from Philadelphia.

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