Portrait studio donates photography to help save Maine Coon kitten’s life from FIP

Donating our photography services to important causes that are meaningful is what keeps us inspired as artists. Two weeks prior to getting diagnosed with FIP, our portrait studio met Damascus.

He is a beautiful 4 month old Maine Coon kitten with an absolutely purrfect personality. Damascus is an adventure cat.  In addition, he is extremely outgoing, curious, easy going, happy and loving. Damascus even enjoys kayaking!

Shortly after meeting him, his eye changed to a deep burgundy color and he was rushed to a 24 hour veterinarian.  They kept him over a couple of nights. Several eye tests and blood tests helped get to the bottom of his symptoms. 

FIP in cats

The vet diagnosed him with Dry Ocular Feline Infectious Peritonitis. (FIP).  It is a 100% fatal viral disease. The dry form often involves severe inflammation in one or more organs including the eyes, brain, liver, intestine, or other organs of the body, leading to a variety of clinical signs. Many cats with non-effusive FIP will have ocular (eye) symptoms as their only clinical sign.

Donates photography to help save Maine Coon kitten's life from FIP

Once disease develops, most individuals deteriorate rapidly, although some cats remain normal for several weeks. Unfortunately, the disease will eventually result in death unless the cat is lucky enough to receive a life saving medication with a 99% cure rate.


The tests and medication are very expensive. So far Laura paid $3000 from her life savings and maxing out a credit card. He must have a daily injection for 3 months.  Consistent blood testing helps confirm the positive progression.

You can help!

So far, Damascus has had 4 injections and is improving everyday. To continue his treatment, Laura is going to need help and that’s where our portrait studio comes in!


Staff ofWillow Street Pictures, Inc.
Donates photography to help save Maine Coon kitten's life from FIP

We donated our photography and had a wonderful photo shoot with Damascus to show the world just how special this little guy is. We photographed him on location, and our artists went into the water to capture stunning portraits of what Damascus and Laura love to do.

Donates photography to help save Maine Coon kitten's life from FIP

Laura started a GoFundMe to help them raise funds for his treatment. We hope you fall in love with him as much as we have and find it in your hearts to help donate to save his life.


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