Cat Portraits that are “Purrfectly” Personalized

Creating cat portraits is no easy feat. Our best cat portraits capture personality, movement and incredible detail. If you’re thinking of having portraits of your kitty cat taken, here are some helpful tips for your photo shoot! To learn more, schedule a call with our artists (they would love to help!)

“I had a great experience with Willow Street Pictures! Regina and her team were so professional and so wonderful with my 3 cats. They were able to capture what makes each of my kitties so unique and special. We even got a photo of my mother and I in the mix, which was a bonus. I am so grateful to Darren, Regina and the entire Willow Street team for everything they did to help me make these memories that will last a lifetime!” – Heather Black


Exercising patience is the best thing you can do to have incredible cat portraits. Some cats are very comfortable with new people, but many cats (like my own) are nervous when it comes to making new friends.

It may take your cats a while to open up, but when they do their true personalities come out. This makes it possible to capture them in a comfortable and relaxed state rather than a nervous one.


Encourage your cats by having plenty of incentives handy. You’ll want to have their favorite toys, some cat treats and make sure to stock up on catnip!


The best way to get a cat comfortable for their portrait is to distract them. You should play with them and get their mind focused on having fun. Some of our favorite cat portraits are when the kitty is pouncing after a toy or swiping in the air for feathers.


Take some time to consider what environment can help your cat feel right at home. We are able to create stunning cat portraits at our studio, but we can also travel! For many of the cat portraits we’ve taken, we go to the client’s home and are able to capture their feline in their natural environment.

We’ve had clients incorporate cat beds, cat towers, paper bags and cardboard boxes. Have items that can help your kitty get more comfortable. Some cats even enjoy the outdoors!


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