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It All Starts With Culture, Values and Trust

Our company culture is viewed as the glue that keeps everything together because it creates the space for each member of our creative team to achieve greatness and do their best work.

At our studio the entire place is buzzing with activity every day in all the departments. There are consultations going on at the same time photo shoots are taking place both inside and outside the studio. Clients are meeting with the Founder selecting their artwork, the production artists are creating custom prints and the picture framing department is putting on the finishing touches. The place is full of energy and excitement.

Our business is a professional creative environment where you show up and check-in because to achieve greatness you need discipline as well as a creative mind. We simply give every project our best and don’t settle for anything else. When you’re doing something you love, working with other creative people, and feeling supported to do your best work, a sense of satisfaction and success automatically follows.

As a group we are pretty damn amazing. It’s not only our skills and experience rather it’s the trust and confidence we have with each other. When a new staff member arrives they get an instant feeling they are a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.

There’s a spirit of generosity you find here. If you are willing to give to the creative team member next to you without expecting something in return, it’s amazing what they are willing to give back.

Each year the studio is growing and expanding the services we offer to our clients. If you are committed to giving it your all, and the comments above symbolize who you are and what you stand for then feel free to download the application and get in touch with us via email at career@willowstreetpictures.com

To apply for the available position, click the link and download the PDF application. The application can be completed using the Adobe text comment tool, or printed and handwritten.

Kindly submit completed applications to: career@willowstreetpictures.com

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Previous applicants who submitted more than 3 months ago are encouraged to reapply. Thank you.



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