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"My boudoir photoshoot was so much fun, but I was nervous at first. Throughout the photoshoot the photographer made me feel so comfortable, beautiful, and natura. She was so spontaneously creative and also arranged the available space to create an environment for the pictures I never would have been able to imagine on my own. I highly recommend Willow Street Pictures for any and all of your photography needs!!!"
Melanie P. - West Reading, PA

"I absolutely LOVE Willow Street Pictures. Initially, I came to them to photograph my handsome black German Shepherd. They did a fantastic job and captured stunning portraits of him in his natural element. They are talented artists and I’m very happy with the artwork I have in my home. My second experience with Willow Street Pictures was a boudoir photoshoot. I brought a bunch of different wardrobe and props and as soon as I walked into the studio, I knew we were going to have a blast. They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I never wanted to leave!  My husband was very impressed with what they created and I felt confident and beautiful throughout the photoshoot."
Denise T. - Allentown, PA

"My first impression of the studio was how put together and stylish the place is. The creative team is so welcoming and the atomesphere is very relaxing. It can be a little intimidating having boudoir portraits created, but the photographer made it a comfortable and fun experience. She was super fun to work with, creative and really knew what she is doing. She was just as excited as I was about the boudoir photography and put forth a very good energy. I am incredibly happy with her work, and my overall experience."
Jess D. - Potomac, MD

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What to Bring to Your Exton, PA Boudoir Shoot

Willow Street Pictures is the premier Exton, PA boudoir photography studio. Whether you’re looking for a unique anniversary or birthday gift idea for your spouse, you want to plan a fun and exciting night out with your best gal pals, or you want to have a confidence-boosting experience just for yourself, consider an intimate boudoir shoot with our talented and creative photographers.

We’re passionate about making women look and feel their absolute best, and we strive to create an experience that combines intimacy, empowerment, and photography to reveal our clients’ natural and incredible beauty. Your boudoir shoot can take place at our inviting Chester County studio, in the comfort of your own home, or at any location you desire, such as a lavish hotel suite, a quaint B&B, or surrounded by nature.

No matter the reason or the setting, one thing is certain: with a boudoir shoot by Willow Street Pictures, you’ll receive more than breathtaking photographs; you’ll have an experience that will last a lifetime.

What to Bring to Your Exton, PA Boudoir Shoot

A boudoir shoot can be fun, exciting, and empowering; however, if you’ve never had one before, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Letting go of your inhibitions and revealing yourself in such an intimate way can be difficult.

To help calm any anxiety that you might be feeling and ensure your boudoir shoot is as enjoyable and successful as possible, knowing how to prepare can help, and knowing what to have on-hand during your photoshoot is an important part of those preparations.

The following are some suggested items that you might want to bring to your session at a Exton, PA boudoir photography studio.

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Outfit Changes

When it comes to attire, it’s always a good idea to bring a few different options to your Chester County boudoir shoot. While you might have a killer outfit picked out ahead of time, you never know if you’re going to feel differently or if you’ll want to switch things up once you arrive at the Exton, PA boudoir photography studio.

Keep in mind that you should always try on whatever you plan on bringing with you beforehand, as you want to be sure that everything fits properly, is comfortable, and makes you feel attractive and confident.


Bring along some accessories to your Chester County boudoir shoot; necklaces, earrings, rings, hats, glasses, and a few different types of shoes, too. You might want to bring some unique accessories that would enhance your boudoir photos, as well, such as elbow-length gloves, hand-held fans, and maybe even some books with provocative titles.

If you plan on wearing any kind of stockings, make sure you bring a few backup pairs. Hosiery is very delicate, and it can easily run, snag, and tear, and while these kinds of snafus might seem minor, they can put a serious damper on a boudoir shoot.

Hair and Makeup Products

If you aren’t going to be hiring a stylist and you’re planning on doing your own hair and makeup, you’re definitely going to want to bring some products to your Chester County boudoir shoot. Lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, liner, extra lashes and lash glue, concealer, and powder are just a few examples of makeup products you may want to have available.

It’s also a good idea to bring some makeup setting spray, which you can use to prevent any shine and refresh your look. As far as hair goes, examples of some products that you might want to bring along include hairspray, texturizing spray, bobby pins, hair ties, a comb, a brush, and maybe even a curling wand.

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For breathtaking photographs that will make you look and feel your absolute best, schedule a photo shoot with Willow Street Pictures, the premier Exton, PA boudoir photography studio. For more information or to request a free price quote, call 610-375-3424 today! A member of our creative team will be delighted to answer all of your questions and assist you with all of your needs.

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Boudoir Photography FAQs

Your boudoir photoshoot can take place at our studio or any location of your choice. You can be in the comfort of your own home or have a beautiful daylight or studio look at our location.
We find that our clients have their own preferred look they are going for and styling is a very personal choice so we do not include hair & make-up because every stylist is different. We have found that our clients have a more successful photo shoot when they work with a stylist that’s right for them. At your consultation, we can provide you with some recommendations.
Is it possible to keep my portraits private?
Absolutely! We respect our client's privacy.
Can my significant other be included?
Absolutely! We encourage couples to be a part of the photoshoot, as it makes your significant other feel more comfortable.
How do I book a photoshoot?
Easy! To book a photoshoot, please give our studio a call at 610-375-3424 or you can simply schedule a call for a time that works best to walk you through our creative process.
How quickly can I book?
We completely understand the need for an urgent and immediate photoshoot. Our studio works hard to accommodate emergency situations. While we have fit in a photoshoot on the same day a client calls due to health concerns, it's best to book in advance as our schedule does sell out. If you have an immediate need, please give our studio a call at 610-375-3424.
How Much Does a photoshoot cost?
The best way to get a recommendation and pricing is to call our studio at 610-375-3424 or to schedule a call with our Portrait Consultant. Our creative packages start at 279. and vary depending on the location of the photoshoot.
How far will you travel?
There is no distance too far! We've had photoshoots in Madagascar, London, and all around the world. More frequently, we travel throughout the tri-state area and bring all the same equipment we use in our studio.