A Journey with Your Best Friend

A Journey with Your Best Friend

When you hear “best friend” what first comes to your mind? Do you imagine your middle school bestie or your favorite buddy at work? What about your furry friend who’s always at the door when you walk in or who is always up for a belly rub on a ruff day (dog joke!) A Journey with Your Best Friend is today’s topic of conversation!

Our lives are better because of our dogs. They grow and change with us. Our dogs are by our side through every period of the journey of our highs and lows. At Willow Street Pictures, one of our specialties is documenting the journey that you take with your best friend.

The inability to communicate with words at times feels like a limiting factor. But, how many times are we unable to communicate with our human loved ones, we can’t find the right words or we simply don’t want to sit through another conversation. Dogs are there to wag their little tail and give your face a big kiss without having strings attached, no conversation necessary!

Sustained Love

We love our dogs because they are our family, they are there to pick us up when we’re down and they understand us when no one else can.

They give us unconditional love and put up with a lot of crap from us, so why can’t we do the same for them?

Dogs live their lives alongside what we do as owners. They are truly our best friends. They are there to give us puppy love when we are sick in bed, or they are there to grab a walk in the sun when we need to get outside. And of course, they are always there to lend an ear when we need to do some venting!

A dog’s love is so unique. We can adopt a young puppy and have them become so ingrained into our lives from their very first days. We can also adopt an adult dog, and they can have a love of their previous owner while being able to form another incredible bond with their new owner.

Contact Us!

Here at Willow Street Pictures, we are DOG LOVERS!

The artists at Willow Street Pictures are fellow dog owners. They really understand what it means to have that unique love of your pup. On shoot day, our photography assistants are dog whisperers. Even if you think your pup isn’t the best at sitting still, no worries! We are active artists! We will connect with your dogs in any way possible! If you want to check out our website or our Pinterest gallery, look no further! We can’t wait to capture a Journey with Your Best Friend! Give us a call today at 610-37-3424 or shoot us an email at info@willowstreetpictures.com


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