6 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo with Your Dog

6 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo with Your Dog

Willow Street Pictures is here to take the best photos of your dog! Listed below, we give you 6 tips for taking the perfect photo with your dog!  We pride ourselves on being the best dog photographers in the Philadelphia metro area!

So, what is the best way to photograph your dog? It all starts with gaining trust and making your pet comfortable around you. You need to spend time with your pet in order to build a bond of trust between you and your pet. There are several ways on how you can gain trust with your pet:

1) Spend time with your dog:

Spend more time playing with them, taking them for walks or just relaxing at home together. This will help create a bond between you and your pet. It also makes it easier for them to accept commands from you when it comes time for a photo shoot because they are more comfortable with you.


2) Positive Reinforcement:

When your pet does something right, reward them. For example, if your dog sits or lays down on command, give them a treat or some affection. This will help reinforce good behavior. You can also do this when they are around the camera by giving them a treat or affection when they look at the camera and when they don’t bark.


3) Be patient:

Not all dogs take to the camera right away. Sometimes it takes time for dogs to get used to it and for them to understand what is going on around them. Try not to rush things and be patient with your dog because this will make things easier for you in the long run.


4) Be calm:

If you are nervous, your pet will sense that and become nervous too. Therefore, it is very important that you remain calm during a photo shoot even if your pet isn’t cooperating with you at first. You can try taking some deep breaths or go to another room in your house before you try taking photos again.


5) Be creative:

If your pet isn’t cooperating with you during the shoot, don’t give up. Try playing with them with their favorite toy and use that as a distraction while you take photos of them playing. You can also use other things to get them to look at the camera, such as treats or a squeaky toy. Pinterest offers a wide variety of themes and styles to plan around your shoot day.


6) Use small treats:

When you are trying to get your pet’s attention for the photo shoot, small treats work best because they will be easier for them to eat when you are trying to get their attention in front of the camera. However, don’t give them too many treats because this will make it harder for them to stay focused on what you are asking them to do.


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