Four Main Styles of Photography


1. Lifestyle:

First, these shots are meant to be candid, true to the story the photographer is trying to show. In this style, photographers take photos of someone in their hometown, workplace, at a live event, or favorite spot in nature. People adore lifestyle photos. 


2. Documentary:

Second, is the documentary style of photography. Photos like these can be staged or candid but they tell a story. Furthermore, the pictures are taken in a set place. You want your moments in history to be captured. A photo in history, a moment for your loved ones to look back on.


3. Traditional or Posed:

Another style of photography. These photos are staged shots made to capture you in a particular pose with a backdrop or lighting. These photos are taken outdoors which is better for more natural lighting. Similarly, traditional or posed outdoor shots have become a popular choice for posed portraits.

4. Artistic:

Finally, the artistic style of photography, where you and the photographer have the freedom to express yourselves creatively. This way you can experiment with costumes, make-up, and backdrops. With no rules to follow, any look can really be made into an amazing photoshoot.


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