10 Poses For A Photoshoot With Your Best Friend

10 Poses For A Photoshoot With Your Best Friend

When it comes to photoshoots with friends, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure that everyone has a good time and gets the shots they want. Here are 10 poses to try out in your best friend photoshoot


Hold Them Close!

A hugging picture with friends is a perfect shot to capture that provides a new angle. Great for couples too!



Match Activities to Age

Older clients may prefer sitting around a table and chatting while having their pictures taken, younger clients may run an action of everyone running or jumping together


What Do the Best Friends Enjoy Doing?

Do you all love soccer or the occasional pick-up basketball game? Why not have your photoshoot center around the activities that bring the group together


Stairs and Standing

Consider sitting with your best friends on a staircase to create a unique perspective. You may also want to have your clients seated and standing together to have a more equal height distribution.


University Life

Were you and your group of besties in a fraternity or sorority in college? How about athletes all on the same team? You could use your crew’s hand signs for a fun picture!


Select One Friend to Stand Out

By focusing on one person in the picture, the friends can provide a new perspective around the main character. These pictures can be great presents or gifts!


Laugh a Little!

A silly picture with a group of friends is an amazing way to celebrate your years of friendship! This can include the traditional laughing shot or even a collection of funny faces!


Match It Up!

Consider wearing the same color pattern or even the same outfit to make for the perfect shoot with all of your closest friends! Pinterest has tons of ideas for outfits and color schemes


Use Silhouettes

Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, best friend silhouette pictures provide the perfect opportunity to take a unique shot.


Go on Location

The setting of any photoshoot can be the first step in deciding on what poses to use. Urban or suburban areas can provide different backdrops of people and surroundings to best decide on how to interact with what is around you.


Let Us Help

Willow Street Pictures is here to help you capture the best photos with your best friends! We have a vast amount of styles in our gallery



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